ndustry recruitment website get the first advertising revenue experience sharing

was so happy that the website online for more than a year, finally got the customer once put in a year of advertising, and this pen advertising revenue than Google advertising revenue, which makes me more and more confident on my website.

time should begin from 2008 just graduated, had just graduated, looking for work all over the major Guangzhou talent market, daily work is crazy resume, and even went to Dongguan to interview cheated Mobile Phone Wallet robbed, now in retrospect all fear, record their job to do that from bit by bit, the hope can give his work summary, also hope to be able to give to people looking for a job or to be stationmaster people a little help.

2008 the face of financial crisis, an architectural design professional college graduation, because there is no work experience, for two months, in the talent market tickets are spent less than 300 yuan, 5 yuan to eat lunch every day, thirsty to drink tap water, the summer in the sun like Africa the black, is not easy to have a Dongguan electronics company called me to interview, said received my resume in the talent market, I have no intention to ask for this position and reserve cadres, plus the bag eats, this call for a life-saving straw, I was promised second days without thinking to the interview and call me an interview that I have hooked, and he said that due to the company’s bag, to pay 300 dollars for meals, when you come with the best money, if after interview, Can be directly to the XX work station, they sent a car to pick me up, I was still thank the interviewer about me, very thoughtful, forgot to press a root we do the employment guidance counselor said, Dongguan many swindlers to be careful when applying for a job. On the second day, I put on my new clothes and took out the only 600 dollars on the bank card. I started out from the bus station to Dongguan.

              because the mood is excited, sitting in the bus on the roadside to see a row of buildings, I feel my bright future, believe that their future can have a world of their own in this place, the dream was not done. The car suddenly stopped, thought it was to Dongguan (for the first time to Dongguan), people began to ask the driver, why not go, how to be sold out? (that is, the driver on the way to the passengers in the car sold to another car or direct people to get out, some of the passengers on the bus) is not satisfied, but the big and tall driver snapped: "get out of the car". It is only to come off, take the taxi to the interview to XX station, telephone interview, they let me wait for a while, then I went to the interview with colleagues, after a few minutes a dilapidated van parked in front of me, and asked me not to go to the XX electronics company to the interview, I said yes, they let me get on the bus, opened 30 minutes, in the vicinity of a factory stopped, I think that, did not think they robbed me of my bag to put the car.