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1995, Vicky (wiki) technology founder of American Ward · Canin is developed based on Web was developed on the basis of Wiki technology, then, the father of Jimmy Welsh · wiki; the Wiki technology from the laboratory to the Internet, creating the world’s first website, Wikipedia encyclopedia. The so-called wiki is an open, multi player collaborative platform for writing, and any user who logs in can publish his or her opinions on some aspect. At present, Wikipedia encyclopedia website ranked seventh on the global website, has 13 million entries, the total registered users has exceeded 19 million. Wikipedia has become an online encyclopedia of American learning and life.

The United States

wiki (wiki) mode success will greatly stimulate the ocean on the other side of the China, from 04 years to Chinese into China wiki, Wiki wiki, in Chinese development has gone through 5 years, but the real survival is one of the few.

The current

web of knowledge wiki is mainly domestic two strong conflicting situation: the first is the Interactive Encyclopedia – to create the world’s largest Chinese encyclopedia website, the site currently has 1 million users, 3 million 200 thousand entries and 3 billion 400 million words, has been in the industry Vicky formed a certain visibility. Another is the Chinese Wikipedia website is English WikiLeaks Chinese version. Then there are some vertical Wikipedia sites, such as think tanks, encyclopedias, cross rudder positions, encyclopedias, and the like.

on the surface, the domestic Wikipedia website have shown the development trend of the All flowers bloom together. in view of the current situation, but China (the development of Internet users under the age of 30 accounted for 70%, so the entire Internet content tends to entertainment), the slightly professional nature of Wikipedia website (best in the 25 age structure layer to 35 years old), the contribution of user enthusiasm is not so high. In addition, the domestic users generally lack of understanding of Wikipedia, so the future development of the encyclopedia is a long way to go.

As the originator of

development website: Wikipedia encyclopedia, due to historical reasons, is on a public road, profitability has become a bottleneck in the development of it. The Interactive Encyclopedia is trying to combine both public welfare and commercialization, seeking Wikipedia breakthrough in china.

in the past few years, Interactive Encyclopedia has focused on two things. The first thing is to do the construction and operation of the interactive master station.

another thing is business development. Interactive Encyclopedia developed the world’s first Chinese Wikipedia site system – HDwiki, and is 100% open source code, and 100% free. The purpose is to establish an encyclopedia ecosphere, attract a large number of webmaster, and improve the encyclopedia on the Internet brand. But a beautiful vision is like the stars in the sky, which can only be seen but cannot be touched. Fuzzy profit model, immature operating ideas, makes H>

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