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January 12, 2010, Tuesday, for many Chinese, it’s just a very ordinary day. However, for the world of Baidu search users speaking, but it is a very sad day: this day, the hearts of their information library, Baidu.com domain name can not access.

because DNS parsing changes will take some time to implement, and therefore can not access Baidu users can temporarily use the IP address direct access:

Baidu home page: http://s. http://s.www.baidu.com


Baidu Post Bar: http://s. http://s.tieba.baidu.com

Baidu space: http://s. http://s.hi.baidu.com

Baidu mp3:http://s. http://s.mp3.baidu.com

Baidu pictures: http://s. http://s.image.baidu.com

Baidu news: http://s. http://s.news.baidu.com

Baidu knows: http://s. http://s.zhidao.baidu.com

Baidu Video: http://s. http://s.video.baidu.com

parsing what is DNS hijacking


DNS is the abbreviation of domain name system (DomainNameSystem). We in the Internet, the input is URL, such as www.baidu.com, but in fact, the Internet is not based on this string of characters found in Baidu, URL must be transformed into IP through the DNS server address, then we use the PC IP address can only access to Baidu. DNS hijacking is a noun common security community, hijacked the DNS server, get analytical record control of a domain name by some means, the analytical results and then modify this domain name, the domain name access caused by the original IP address to specify the IP modified, the result is not on specific. Access or a fake Web site, steal data or destroy the original so as to realize the purpose of normal service. The problem arises here. What happens if DNS solves a URL problem?

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