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not long ago, Baidu integrated micro-blog search results, cooperation from Tencent, micro-blog, NetEase, micro-blog, Sohu, micro-blog three, Sina, micro-blog is not inside, Sina launched micro-blog search alone. But when it comes to search, Sina micro-blog search than Baidu search, but also a drop in the bucket. Yesterday, one of my unintended actions, I found a "Baidu search + Certification micro-blog" the latest SEO operation, this SEO operation may not be too long-term, but later may be a new model of promotion. Because someone has done experiments before, said micro-blog in the chain is also the search engine also play the effect, search engine also said, will increasingly value social media outside the chain. But today, this sharing will tell the search and micro-blog another integration model, not just the outside chain, but direct traffic benefits.

this is a discovery yesterday, yesterday renewed a 28 Street website article is about Japan is not an old wife, a 43 year old "Water Valley who" have a 20 year old appearance, after released by micro-blog, then forwarded through my micro-blog certification, then inadvertently see from this Baidu keyword "Water Valley who" brought dozens of IP, it is found that, can bring traffic, because the 28 street not usually management, occasionally bring some traffic only forwarded by micro-blog. But I did not expect that this can actually bring traffic from search engines, and these are not because of the site’s own rankings and weight brought. But because of a micro-blog forwarding, but also directly brought traffic from Baidu. So I carefully studied, and did some key words experiment, to do a simple operation.

the first step: find the popular keyword

through the Baidu billboard

open Baidu billboard, mainly to see the focus of real time hot and seven days, click on these keywords are the results of micro-blog search results, search changes again through the Baidu index to view their media, these hot keywords may have some characteristics, that is the very real time, may hit a few days or a few weeks will suddenly disappear, this is news category keywords, through the Baidu index view these keywords to determine what the news is currently in the period, is just about to leave the eruption or. In general, it’s definitely the choice of the keyword that’s just about to erupt. I according to Baidu billboard, select the following keywords "Tangshan poisoning incident" and "Li Xiaolu" Pepper cake "blood" "small property registration is prohibited" and so on several key words, Baidu index total add up to almost hundreds of thousands.

second step: release the corresponding article information

to find relevant news and information content, and then organize release, micro-blog released last edited (Note: This editorial content is best to refer to others, and not the same as others can, this is the best) micro-blog micro-blog certification, if not certified will not show up, but if one is certified >

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