Site status analysis of profit model and new ideas of profit big secret

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because of the simple production of the website, the profit model is clear and the profit is rich. Nowadays, it has become the number one flagship in many webmaster’s hands. I happen to be working with my friend as a navigation station project at this time, and now I have 10W IP. I am so happy to have some luck with the website profit model and share it with you here.

as we all know, the site of the current common market profit methods generally can be roughly divided into the following three:

1, search divided into advertising,

search into advertising is the most common station site, but also the largest proportion of revenue. From my actual operation experience, this piece of income will account for more than 70% of the total income. At present, there are 3 alliances to provide such advertising cooperation, which are Baidu, Google and sogou.

2, CPA ad

campus network registered advertising, Taobao Dangdang classified as advertising, collectively referred to as CPA advertising (paid by effect advertising). This block accounts for about 20% of the site’s total revenue. Among them, Dangdang and orange advertising effect is best.

3, monthly advertising

web site to reach about 8W IP scale, you can receive some monthly advertising. But mostly for lotteries, sex products and other laws with the edge of advertising. Great risk.

can be seen from the current, accounting for 70% of the site navigation revenue source, is the search into advertising. Let’s take a closer look at this:

1, Baidu search is divided into:

Baidu’s default starting point for URL site search is 30%, up to 45%. K is very serious (I account for the site to promote plug-in is sealed, the income of 3W yuan by Baidu withholding, nausea to pole, which is the main reason I published method). And rumors of Baidu’s policy on the site will be more and more tightening, and later will only retain several large sites into cooperation, such as 9991, 114la and so on.

2, Google search is divided into:


account is to win the title, I did some time Google search advertising, because the Google in China ordinary Internet users recognition is relatively low, and the sponsor’s advertising concealment no good integration of Baidu. So total revenue is nearly 3 less than Baidu. I thought for a while that if Google were able to get close to the habits of the people in the experience, it would be 20% more profitable than Baidu. Its market share is bound to fly qualitatively. But Google’s belief in evil does not limit its development. Of course, the income is low, but very stable. Get money every month.

Sogou search is divided into, because did not do, do not make specific evaluation here, the data that obtains from friend should be without Baidu and Google income is good.

key: new profit model big secret, it let me day >

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