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      in May 24th had the honor to participate in the Ali mother Hangzhou Railway Station’s Knight general assembly. There were more than 1000 stationmaster. After attending this conference, I felt that I didn’t go to school and learned a lot.

did not see the celebrity they feel very mysterious, but met celebrities and ordinary people feel there is no difference, such as heroes of President Zhou Zhou, was only about 160cm, skin white, looks like an inexperienced youth. It is said that there are billions of capital in West Lake lake with him to drink tea and chat feeling his behavior and conversation and ordinary stationmaster does not have what difference, the difference is his business mind, they do not see things such as competitors, but instead look at what the user needs, such as how to provide users with more services. This sentence left us a very deep impression, but also worthy of many webmaster to think.

For example,

Ma Yun, when he went on the podium, exposing only the head, the body looks thin, it looks seem to knock Chen, but his mind was always shining out of the ordinary wisdom. For example, he put forward three of the essence of the spirit of the Internet in the General Assembly speech: the first is the essence of open, second share, third is the responsibility (see details:    Alibaba Group Chairman Ma Yun speech), each one explains the essence of his. What I want to say is third: responsibility. Ma Yun once said in a very classic sentence: "one day our leader will wake up and ask us what our children are doing. We must limit him when we play games.". Because the game can not change China’s status quo. So I don’t play games, starve to death or play games." Do you know now the network game is very profitable, with Ma’s strength and business acumen to do network game is an easy job to do things, why didn’t he do network game, this is a problem of social responsibility, if do network game, money is our generation, but our next generation may be.

and the laggards BBS fish talking about his success secret is very simple: the truth for the sake of users, for the user to solve the problem, only the user point of view to for the sake of users, the user will long-term support you. I think at the beginning, if he only thought about how to make money when he built the site, he might fall behind the forum and he wouldn’t have today’s achievement.


novice webmaster friends do stand to grasp the following points: be sure to consider for your users to a website, do not want to consider how to make money, put yourself for your sake of users, they really need to have things, users will always support you, after a long time of accumulation. You will develop these users will bring you endless wealth. Two, you must make a good site, consider long-term, responsible for society, but also responsible for yourself. >

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