Site filing tossing the whole process to share

in May 10th, the site for the record finally settled, I can not think of this super super efficient tube: submitted the day before yesterday, the day after tomorrow through. Recall the Nanning talent network [] the station because of a series of record number of events, really can use the "The path winds along mountain ridges." to describe the

Nanning talent network domain name is registered in May 12, 2009, after entering the construction site, the tension at the beginning of August, the website officially launched, is the site of the first set of trial procedures. During the test run, and I know some space provider personnel for the record, that through the authority of personnel for the record is very strict, generally personally set up talent website is not too easy to pass. By coincidence, I met a tongguanju who inadvertently, he was drafted in to help the site at this time for the record, so my site personnel under his help, smooth to "Nanning talent net" the website name passed.

After nearly two months of trial operation,

has found more and more procedural problems, while the procedural provider has less and less help to solve it. Then, in November, after the constant search, the website changed the new program, which is now the original version of the program". In March this year, the site for the record and meet the new problems: Nanning talent network and before I registered a domain name to share a record number, and now my domain name expired, and taking the domain name space station closed down, resulting in the record number affected, so I chose to cancel the registration of the domain name expired so, Nanning talent network and re filing

this time, I chose to record in the name of the company, but the audit process surprisingly smooth: May 9th to the space business filing up this morning for approval, then consult the space business, they say I jump the queue, so fast before the audit. If you change it at ordinary times, it will take one month for the record…