Talking about the development route of local information network

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do stand to make money fast asleep?? you can make money, but you have to think, in fact, there are many industries to sleep can make money, not necessarily do, now talk about the development route of local portal.

local, if only a local information network, there is no competition, but if the local internet isn’t mature, your brand is also very difficult to play, but the worst local should have a majority of the Internet is mature, there is a chance, do local station, the amount of information must be not enough, not too many local content, there is no way to do this? You’re wrong, can be used for entertainment, domestic news, international news to fill this hole without content, when the quantity of information, and then slowly make into specific.

What is the

local information network publicity, the most afraid of? When you go to Internet cafes and Internet cafes cooperation, the boss said, this site a day how much traffic, how how, the cafe owner suddenly sentence, what is the traffic? Or what is the website? You don’t laugh, really have this kind of person, when you met, what would you do? This is a problem, second problems, understand the site, understand the traffic type crowd, often see themselves very great, just like before I and another Internet executives talk about cooperation, the director said very cow, he do not rely on who you ok, how do not pass his thoughts, if you encounter such a person, is not directly run away, run away.

when building a local information network, based on a comparison of the Internet is not mature, do not do what promotion, good content, if developed, have to wait 35 years, when the proportion is now Sina think, do local portal, is a very good enrichment project, is also a very long time to return to the project, you will do? I will do as I do now, a Gaozhou network:, modified by dedecms template, spent two days on the Internet not mature their area to do a local network, which is always an opportunity. Prerequisite: content: medium: promotion, content; late: offline promotion, online promotion, looking for news sources, looking for partners;

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