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network marketing for everyone now is not very strange, a lot of friends in the group asked me the network marketing is difficult to learn, is not very demanding, what is the trick, in fact the network marketing is the most important to rely on their own to explore, I can offer you is some skills, you can according to these skills he put a deeper understanding and then add your stuff, it can achieve better effect, skill is resourceful, to explore together the exchange. Later, I will continue to update the network marketing skills, each release different tricks for everyone to understand, today first talk about the longest we use, the most widely used, IM marketing.

IM marketing, also known as instant messaging marketing, is the enterprise through instant messaging tools, such as QQ, Taobao, Wangwang and other enterprises to help promote product and brand a means, commonly used in one of two cases:

The first kind of

website, online communication, small and medium-sized enterprises set up shop or enterprise website will generally have instant communication online, so that potential customers if the product or service of interest will naturally take the initiative and online business contact.

second, advertising, SMEs can use IM marketing communication tools through the group or send friends information, publish product information, promotional information, or you can release some friends loved expression through the picture, plus sign enterprise to publicity.

first said IM marketing what benefits, below I detailed analysis of its advantages and characteristics, so why recommend to everyone with IM marketing?.

1, the threshold is low, no matter what you do to marketing your product with IM marketing, there is no level of poverty.

2, high precision, such as you are selling beauty products, you can add some about the beauty of the QQ group, or Taobao group, there are some high-end people’s groups, such as shopping group, female riders and so on, and he first established feelings, there is not much to say, written before similar articles, do not understand the friends can go to my blog to see.

3 and IM marketing flexibility is great, it can change policy at any time, the scale is random, the coverage is optional.

4, the end of the cost, not what it costs to buy a bulk software, or download a free, one of an enterprise responsible for it, every day to maintain good group and friends, every day an ad, don’t send too much advertising, rich in content, there is not much to say previously written a similar article.

5, IM marketing is the most notable feature of the return speed, you may have just finished advertising, and soon there will be customer transactions, which is the biggest advantage of IM marketing, but also the desired effect.

6, IM marketing without geographical restrictions, you can face foreign markets, such as the general MSN, now a lot of big companies are using.

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