n 2009 the grassroots grief inventory cannot bear to think of the past

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2009 only the last few days, but the remaining few days is not peaceful, for the majority of the webmaster, and more can not live through. Network event for half a month to strike hard, let the webmaster has nearly collapsed, many owners have fallen, all the hard cast to the wind. In 2009, it was not peaceful for the internet.

along the way back in 2009, there are too many things of the past one cannot bear to think of the past, more than a sad, sad to check a year "net thing", let us remember the history. The following deficiencies, please correct me, arrange the missing content, welcome to add.

5.19, six provinces in the south, a large area to stop the network, network paralysis,

event playback:

due to storm video player client is unable to parse out the IP server, began to send a request to the analytical network provider DNS server, causing the local operators of the DNS server plug, a large number of websites or web access slow open, seriously affected the normal life of Internet users.

5.21 Kabasiji false positive event

event playback:

Kabasiji made a report on the use of CNZZ virus statistical products website, the contents of the report: "Trojan-downloader.HTML.Agent.pd", resulting in millions of China Internet sites and hundreds of millions of Internet users by the interference, seriously affected the normal operation of the network station using CNZZ statistical products and good reputation, has led to the loss of a large number of Web sites with different levels of users, causing panic and inconvenience of netizens psychological.

6.30 primitive man roll escape event

event playback:

well-known IDC business primitive people roll money escape, resulting in many personal Adsense site is closed, data loss, seriously affected the normal operation of the site, to the grassroots webmaster has brought great harm. Although later, the original owner Liu Hua appeared apology, made to the webmaster compensation, but still can not save the loss of personal Adsense, and finally the event came to nothing.

11.30 containing bad information on the 10 Internet access service providers list exposure

event playback:

Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center to provide services for an exposure of 10 pornographic websites from IDC business network, launched a campaign of network There was no parallel in history., resulting in many innocent individual stationmaster in helpless situation.

12.1 Baidu fully launched phoenix nest program

event playback:

Baidu December 1st comprehensive switch phoenix nest system, abandoned the use of years of competitive ranking, this adjustment has seriously affected the personal website ranking, many websites are k, website ranking is very unstable.


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