By correcting the details we’ll find ourselves already working on it

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on the front when doing the work adjustment of the company website, the beginning is the first large overall adjustment of information processing, involves some details during the nature of the problem really thought, but when there is a lot of work to deal with, these small details had to be placed, think first overall after doing then slowly modify the details of the problem, but finally after come back to find some details of the problem before it had almost forgotten.

, that is, last week, when others search our website, the result is "hot medical video network."……" This is the title, last modified after sure there is no error, positioning is accurate, but the description of a small problem, maybe someone else is careful attention, description reads " hot medicine video investment network all for customer service……" I think, here, do not know how friends see no mistakes, I also did not see this, perhaps is "all" and "heart" of the 2 idioms are read correctly, not what gaps, but if you really want to consider more details I think there is, yes, we are hard, rather than new, anyway, I think this is a problem since the brand and image of their company, we must pay attention to details, details of the achievements of success, to determine whether you will do well, we think about it, if every day we do TV speaking, Yili if the advertising slogan "we have been at the heart of service" written "we have been using the new service, I would like to give us the majority of consumers will have that feeling is not the same, so as If we do a good job of detail, even after the big problem, we will seriously deal with and calm treatment, this is a good habit.

tolerance, success, radius, details determine success or failure, we have been working hard, we said that.

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