A campus BBS webmaster of the words from the bottom of the heart

everybody webmaster, of course, including A5 webmaster, you can say some of the site has been quite successful. And I as a grassroots webmaster, you can say that even grassroots are not called, my site has been operating for more than a year, is still in the quiet stage, the development is very bad. Statistics said that the global web site has now more than about 60000000, China’s Web site close to 600 thousand. And my web site is:



because my website is a campus BBS, friends call altar – www.uohbbs.com, or a second-class undergraduate. I have investigated, and the development of famous universities in China is not up to date. I’m thinking: is there no future for BBS on campus,


‘s course of reference to the campus BBS does not deny that many problems have been exposed since it hung up. For example, malicious irrigation, malicious advertising vertical and horizontal. BBS campus slowly separated from its purpose: to serve students. But this platform is indispensable. Students’ thinking should follow the trend of Internet development.

encountered a lot of bad news on my website, and I took many ways to learn from A5, which is essential. I find it difficult to understand technology, and campus BBS also needs marketing. I insist on not turning off the BBS forum, but strengthening the management through the recruitment of moderators.

through investigation and research, and other colleges and universities webmaster communication, BBS just a little improvement. The Ministry of education has also paid more and more attention to the development of information technology, and it has made me see that the development of campus network construction is promising.

at present, I take into account the views of older generations, and Honghe University student union cooperation, on the one hand, rich resources of the forum, on the one hand, among students to promote. Although effective, but it is not effective, today I came to A5, is looking for experts to learn from. For the development of China campus BBS, especially my website www.uohbbs.com (only need to master because my website is food, help, I hope you), give valuable suggestions. Today is not propaganda, I am sincere to learn from, from time to time to wait to see your message, thank you.