Do station do not follow the trend to meet user demand is the key

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recently all speculation in SNS, has SNS large and small to emerge, one time every day, SNS has become the most fiery of the letters of the Internet industry, like as practitioners of the Internet, you do not talk about SNS behind the times.

is now the major Internet Co are to follow the trend of speculation SNS concept, and boomy announced their one hundred thousand million registered users. Regardless of SNS itself did not give these big Internet Co to bring real profit model, website speculation in SNS at the same time, he has been a profit, because they need to use this new concept pocketed media text, attracted the attention of the public, investors to justify the forefront in the industry. For large websites, what is SNS is not important, it is important to hype the concept of the process.

so for some of the current popular concept of speculation does not have small website, spend time to study how to use Kang Sheng UChome to resemble a happy net, what a good of you spend some time users really need. The small website does not need to go with the SNS wind, you only need to be with users of the wind, users say what you want, you do not meet, every day to post imitation happy net template, you this is already on the network happy, happy net have become poisoned poor webmaster.

tries to online line is half the time, art is not the most beautiful, only the general technology of several programmers, why our back rate can reach 50%, our PV/UV can reach 20, we registered users per month to 10 thousand. The answer is to study user needs and try to satisfy them.

1, users give you advice, how can you two ears do not smell


many of our design rules or function development needs are from the user’s opinions and suggestions, the user is the creator of the greatest fun network. Moreover, we have benefited from the user’s comments and suggestions. Before the network completely rely on the integral fun way to exchange gifts consumption, although each month a dozen kinds of gifts can be exchanged, or can not meet the needs of the public. One day, in a letter to the administrator user, ask "can not open a shopping mall, a few commodities fully redeem, most of the goods with integral offset discount, so as to provide a variety of choices for membership, but also reduces the cost of network leer". The proposal was soon put into effect and is doing very well at present. Some members said "fun net parking game is too monotonous, can not engage in the PK nature of the parking game", this proposal then we derived "crazy car contest": contestants 6 days 3 station PK, each race results from the beginning of 0, according to the total score ranking. When we hold the first "Crazy parking contest", there are businesses to support our second "Crazy parking contest", for the winners free of charge parent-child outfit. The second competition just ended, and the number of participants was far higher than the first time. The same parking spaces, me >

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