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, like any website, every revision of Alibaba’s homepage is also a baptism of entanglement and struggle. The design process is always painful, because judgment and choice is always difficult, here we do not want to describe the whole process of revision of the team despite the different architecture and design team’s responsibilities vary, but in addition to different decision-making processes, large companies or small companies in the current process there is no essential difference between. We are here to sum up our experience and lessons in the revision process, as well as for the home page or even product redesign thinking.

below is the process of thinking that we feel necessary, as well as some approaches and key points:

one, thinking about positioning

before the page revision, combined with the overall changes in the site strategy, we first consider the following three questions:

1, what is the purpose / purpose of the revision?

is in line with the overall adjustment of the site strategy, or the improvement and promotion of user experience, is the top-down transformation and upgrading of the site, or bottom-up flow redistribution?…

these factors also determine the design of the home page is macro or micro, is the level of information combing or visual expression optimization.

Who is the user of

2 and home page?

users who, what is user characteristics, the user’s needs and values,


considers this problem, it needs to make a distinction between user types, and different sites may differentiate between different user groups based on the characteristics of their web services, such as

time: new users and old users

source: own users, SEO users, BD users,

focus on the industry: raw material users, industrial users,…


3, status quo

what are the current content operating rules,


does the current interface have availability or ease of use problems

What is the basic data of

: PV, UV, return rate, traffic conversion rate, traffic distribution of each product, and what kind of basic data are accessed by each type of user?. Can the data itself reveal current problems or can be used to assess the effectiveness of the intended target

two, good design management,

1, identify the key roles

in this process can identify the key role: who is the real home of the person in charge, who is responsible for the specific business, who is the partner of decision-makers? Only clarify the key role to efficient decision-making and promote each other, not prevarication and procrastination, which will be the test of revision the project team.

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