Analysis of using Taobao AP to establish Amoy station process

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Taobao launched off for a long time, some time ago, Ali mother open data call Taobao customer API for owners to use, so we do Amoy station more convenient to know before, from the official website of a received advertising code, pasted to the inside pages, not only time-consuming, and error prone. Chairman Mao teaches us, both hard work and smart, since the interface can get promotion commodity information and advertising code, it is not a wood work, learning interface documentation first. The theory can not practice, regardless of the consequence, to apply for a API account, is to Taobao off the official for a password, the password to Ali mother and PID used together to obtain data interface.


passenger API call returns are generally XML data, the most important is the commodity search interface, this interface can return to sort data in a variety of ways, such as by trading commissions from high to low, according to the transaction commission from low to high, according to the total expenditure of the commission from high to low, you tell me how to row how to row, because each class of goods returned only about 200 data, so you choose the right sort is quite important.

some commodity information, information for each commodity, but also generate a promotion of your encoding, this can also interface one by one generation, which is called in the process of slow step, you push ten thousand goods, will request ten thousand times ah, anyway, I get a whole genius generated this interesting network according to station promotion code.

data, then planning website interface, I think is to help users search, to ensure adequate amount of information, so the main information (including pictures of goods, price, introduction) check database be arranged using dynamic display, buyers want to see more information of the goods, no problem, I no goods are playing out a corresponding static page, these details greatly expanded the amount of information in net interest, now Baidu climbed several times every day, don’t let the lovely spider nothing desirable ah.

OK, even the station is like this, of course, not to promote, comrades still work, the most important thing is to flow, next is the sense of promotion, honestly do stand. Even a novice, the first time in the A5 submission, welcome Paizhuan, my address is

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