From catering consulting to the listed company Mommy

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topic: chugaluging mummy, catering consulting leader

the guests: Mommy China area director Zhao Gang chugaluging, responsible for Chinese District website operation

participates in the interview: QQ group 57322806


1, website background


Fang Qingbin: welcome guests. Chinese area today Mommy director, Mr. Zhao Gang, Mr. Zhao is currently responsible for Chinese District website operation, Mr. Zhao: Hello, welcome to the city business interview (, please introduce for us. Mommy.


Zhao Gang:

. Mommy ( was originally launched in Japan in 96 years in February 2000, officially as the operation of the company, and in April 05 listed in Japan, Shanghai is the 05 year in November officially opened in April last year, after the opening of the Beijing version, currently in the country only Shanghai and Beijing two regions.


. Mommy always adhere to a "restaurant supporters" concept, service in the restaurant, at the same time, will provide the latest and most complete restaurant information to consumers.


currently has more than 10 thousand restaurants in Shanghai and more than 4000 in Beijing. Japan is relatively mature, published 50 10000 restaurants, it should be said. Mommy at home or in a growth stage. From the business model of speaking, Mommy follows the Japanese model. However, the web site operators, will cater to local users demand more China.


two, interview dialogue


1, site localization,


Fang Qingbin: Thank you, Mr. Zhao. Now let’s go into the interview dialogue session. First talk about the local operation. Mommy.


            February 2005 officially listed on the Osaka stock exchange Hercules, the market value of the day all the way up, and in a few days will become a market capitalization of more than 100 billion yen of large listed companies. Mommy chugaluging listed in Japan, which is the main business? Food and beverage consultation?


Zhao Gang:

. Mommy in Japan’s main business is divided into several blocks, one of the largest block or for restaurant service. Provide comprehensive promotion support for the restaurant. In addition, as the surrounding business, but also carried out online shopping mall, tourism, weddings and so on.


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