Three years we go the way of the A5 wall reflection to accomplish nothing

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how time flies, I remember the last time in the A5 to write the article was about a year ago, there is a reason, with you today to talk about three years of personal experience of failure against the wall reflection, but also to some of the owners had the same experience some enlightenment.

, the author is in 2010 a chance to enter the webmaster this circle, with the vast majority of novice webmaster, I also experienced three days to build two stations, four days for three domain name fever, out of control period. Even what the virtual host is not clear, and never heard of VPS, what is the case, began to talk about to do the user, do UGC, for-profit model… Some of the ambitious, with no reality whatever "lofty ideals", now in retrospect really feel the need to find a hole drilled down.

in this circle for three years, through countless lonely night, often for a dish actually cannot again dish "function and excitement to all through the night. Many times have been emotional contradictions, but also often complained, spent so much energy on it, but no return, still so promising, no regrets. This brother a few years, frivolous, but they had never had a frivolous capital; low-key, it is after the failure of no strength to high-profile; adhere to, only to blame but did not go on into the horn; thinking, but sadly still make heat for three minutes, a temporary kiheung, follow suit just wrong. As a 3 years experience of the site to the grassroots, now there is no a presentable website, really need careful reflection, while still experiencing Enlightenment during this period the new Adsense a little thing, although is a commonplace talk of an old scholar at Everfount, but the novice to learn A5 into the circle, knowledge, it is necessary to write these things to share:

, an ambitious, but not.


website is like falling in love, first of all to find a good object, but also to find a suitable object, as the site location; then love to be like the same talk slowly, slowly, like a construction site management; secondly it is important to be specific, dry foot two ship or boat this what.

two, do not imitate the wind, dongshixiaopin.

is best suited to their own, I hope you don’t make the past mistakes, such as follow the navigation station, station, station, novel game movie stations, shopping guide stations and so on, are as trassient as a fleeting cloud. In retrospect, it’s better to be a personal blogger.

three, put an end to three minutes heat

in fact, the first article has already mentioned, a lot of novice stationmaster do website is three minutes heat, go all the way, all the way pick up, all the way to lose, in the end nothing. This is also related with the website positioning, choose it is, don’t chop and change, for their own is the best.

four, insist is victory, avoid two days fishing, three days drying nets.

never gets anything for nothing

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