The successful operation of the web site rules identify goals compete and persist

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web site can not only as the interest to do, but as a business to do! Some people may ask, are you interested in only one thing, you will have power to do, of course, interest can help us improve the enthusiasm to do things, but the degree of enthusiasm eventually because of the time and gradually lose loss glory, when you on the site operation failure became flat and uninteresting, final

!In fact,

also put a lot of grassroots Adsense website operation as a career to do, but always because of this or that problem ultimately led to the failure, which gives webmasters a false, do to succeed is very difficult, in fact, as long as you can learn to find the target, then the courage to compete and adhere to in the end, I believe that is the Bottleneck Breakthrough of website operation the following on from this point the day and await for it! Three aspects to talk about the


1: goal – alone on the tower, looking at the end of the road,

many successful people in that purpose, will often take a long time, careful consideration, rather than look like love, complete with their own interest, of course, is also a reference to the main direction of interest, so it is in operation on the site, the beginning of the operation of the site in you, don’t be afraid of failure this is because, target search, you can find the correct operational target from the continuing failure, when looking for targets, the fear is just in sight, and not to act, we need to look into the endless road all over the world, then, to find the correct target on the success of the website operation


two: Competition — quitting brave victory

do not avoid competition with others, there is no competition website there is no mass base, no target user group, so naturally there is no way to obtain profits, after all, the website wants to profit, no profit that is not enough, often competition is more intense, if you can believe that you must be able to harvest the talent shows itself, successful joy, so how to win from the competition? It should be bold and crafty


in the website promotion of competition: now there are many kinds of promotion methods, many promotion methods are inefficient, such as BBS promotion, blog promotion and so on, if you want to win in the competition, the best way is to find efficient methods, and these methods will play to the extreme, such as soft, it would have to be willing to spend money to invest in each big door submission, quickly let their own website to get outside the chain of each big door, also can not forget the Baidu know, Baidu keyword drop-down box construction! To quickly enhance the website ranking, beat


on the way to make money on the competition: beyond the opponent, not only in the website operation is to fight against opponents, they make money channels, so that their income continues to decrease, corresponding to your income will be increased, so it can be considered to reduce advertising costs to attract more monthly advertising users, so as to gradually erode your competitors and overall profit space! "

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