The advantages and disadvantages of investment and free Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

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fast Wangzhuan experience more than three years, although is not what is the real master, but also have their own experience. Now Wangzhuan lot, in general is investment and free of these two categories. Each of the advantages and disadvantages of each have their own investment, individuals that do Wangzhuan is better, but still want to see what the parties need. Here for everyone to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two, we have to choose according to their actual situation.

free Wangzhuan

The advantages of

, a free Wangzhuan:

1, free to join, there is no financial risk;

2, basically support Alipay to pay, no fees, less than one yuan can receive payment;

3, some of the faster results, the day you can receive money (usually a few cents to a few cents);

4, easy to recommend, because free, so many people are willing to join, Many a little make a mickle.;

5, the operation is simple, you see, basically all understand.

two, free Wangzhuan disadvantages:

1, earn less. A station usually averages just a few cents a day;

2, making slow. Do free monthly income in 10 yuan to 200 yuan, of which 80% is concentrated in the monthly income of 10 yuan to 50 yuan (free and investment projects I have done, to invest in the project, I can earn each month over a million yuan, but also accumulated many referrals; because of my line a few hundred people, so free project I have a month to earn thousands of dollars);

3, little room for development. Monthly income of more than 200 yuan of very few (of course, I am an exception, ha ha, because the accumulation to too much offline);

4, the computer is easy to poisoning. It’s easy to be poisoned because you want to click ads frequently, do many projects at the same time and click on all kinds of websites.

5, indirect loss. Due to the frequent switch pages, click on the ads, often reinstall the system, affect the eyes, mouse, computer and other large


6, a waste of time. Because if you do free, if you only do one, it won’t make a few dollars at all. You must make several or even dozens of them, and each will spend a great deal of your time to understand and understand the relevant operations and regulations. Moreover, these free Wangzhuan station are a lot of people spend hundreds of dollars to open, many began to pay, but because of the strength is not enough and the website business was not good (the income of the site is not worth the money to pay the membership), generally only a few weeks a few months off (more than half a year without a few home, but there are also some relatively good reputation, so need to pull off the assembly line and identification), the last time for the money will come to nothing; there are some free items, pay higher (generally to 10 yuan or 30 yuan to pay), to do.

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