There is a Bodhisattva called Baidu

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what is Bodhisattva for? People in our country know that Bodhisattva is used for worship. We do stand, our Bodhisattva is Baidu. The simplest example, if Admin5 was not included in the Baidu, this station there are people? I believe that we all have the answer.

search engines have great traffic every day, such as Baidu, which has 20 million IP visits per day, according to alexa. And these visits will be taken to other websites. Tencent officials, for example, claim that 20% of its Web site traffic comes from search engines. That is, the search engine alone brings 3 million IP of visits to the Tencent every day. If your site has a 3 million IP amount of access. Enough to go into the top 40 websites in the world, and you’ll become an Internet upstart. Accordingly, Sina, 163, and Sohu also have about 20% traffic per day from search engines.

these doors eat big cake, we can eat some slag will be good. Next, see how we eat the slag. Most online search engine optimization articles say, search engine optimization is mainly aimed at Google, because Baidu has ppc. This is bullshit, my practical experience is Baidu to bring me the average IP is 5 times that of Google, the beginning is 10 times Google. Although Baidu has competitive ranking, but spend money in Baidu buy keywords are about the enterprise, commodity. Or professional words, and these words search very little. Nor is that what we care about. For example, soundproof doors and windows, Korean beauty. These words, only those who have business interests will buy. What we did was useless and meaningless. You don’t have to do it. Google PR (Page Rank) is very fancy, for a new website was established, the PR value is 0, your keyword is hard to Google above the first few pages, and your PR value should be improved, the need for a long time, a lot of Links. For a newly established railway station, TM station who is willing to change Links and you ah. So our Bodhisattva or Baidu?.

now my situation is just my Baidu included hundreds of pages, not to page 1000, GG included more than 6000 pages I, brothers, this is what kind of a gap, I don’t know why, maybe I do not good enough to optimize my writing is not very good, some of my articles for plagiarism. The level of no, ha ha brothers found some time ago popular word fire, add some IP, second days to more than 6000, I can’t believe.

the meaning of my article is summed up in one sentence: "catch the hot words", or follow the Bodhisattva, or bring the Bodhisattva home. Otherwise, you must be the tail of a rabbit.

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