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website for what? I do in order to share their love of things, as the saying goes, specialize in, play their own interests is a very happy thing, let more people see their own ideas, work is more relaxed and happy. Do the station to calm down to do, your station just do well.

recently the Internet is not ordinary, we are concerned about this or that thing, Baidu and Alibaba to pinch, so the new one is siqia ah, the potential financial crisis; the market downturn of IT enterprises cut many people; most mom made the sick, crazy take on a large number of small and medium-sized site, a bad day; we start looking at all kinds of data of year after year numb, think the choice is a webmaster is not too hard.

my hand in the small station (or publicity) on-line, and after some agonizing, data, and promotion began to do, but also to consider the proceeds. What to do? Ali’s mother is not a kind mother. I’m numb to Ali and so much negative news. Google click price is now about less, I do not know the consequences of the crisis, or China webmaster too much, there are always a number of owners in the registered Google account. Advertising alliance: come on, nothing good, the market is chaotic, and always no one to focus on such a vulnerable group.

experts say: "if you click on advertising to make money, and now the trend of advertising CTR is getting lower and lower.". The price of each click may be low to a few pennies. One hundred browsers, advertising revenue compared to e-commerce sites, the gap is great. But didn’t you see the competition between Taobao and Baidu and the Jingdong, as well as the gap that we entered? Those who burn money still have to do it for those big brothers. I still feel at ease.

recently read some articles and posts in the shopping, is quite attractive, will generate a electronic mall and their own website, when the code is loaded, you can determine the sales price, B2C is indeed a path of development.

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