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major, according to the Xinhua Dictionary, is pure, unique, focused on one thing: expertise. Special envoy. Devote oneself heart and soul to。 According to Baidu encyclopedia is refers to the professional production practice of human society progress in science and technology, life, used to describe the occupation career one of the stages, the crowd, to make a living, the specific operation specification in a long period of time. In fact, no problem, but in my opinion, the profession is to focus on a particular field, in a field familiar with, or even master, so that the industry as an authority.

professional is the key to personal webmaster speaking, only a professional can be respected, only a professional will be accepted, as we all know, individual stationmaster relatively low starting point, the technical level is not high, but the personal website is relatively simple, not much technical content, who is more focused, more professional, who will attract users. Focus, success, Li Xiang is our personal website to learn from, because he had to do after the professional orientation was able to continue to grow, if at that time he began to put the business like to do, he can do today? It is because he had every little bit. From the start that he has accumulated experience and ability, so as to form the IT website of the top three position today. Li Xiang also once said, do stand must be professional, even if there is no technology, no capital, we loaded also loaded the professional, only in this way, users will trust us, our website is attractive.

so, how do a professional website, in my understanding, we must pay attention to what time?.

: we must first seek refinement, deep, not eyebrows beard grabbed, blindly seeking perfection, so often do not care for this and lose that, also do not strong, professional, usually from the large do first, focus, focus, focus, and then slowly until the divergence, bigger and stronger, Guangzhou things I like to do the exchange network, will focus on the Guangzhou personal items trading site, from the site to now that the future will go to the deep mining in the field of personal goods trading.

second: do the professional website, must be familiar with and master in business, to be able to provide customers with professional services, website, after all is the service industry, the site to flow, to attract users to use, if you can provide professional services, can not bring a field to help users, what they do on your website, the network itself is enough.

third: pay attention to the formation of the brand, personal Adsense website, also have brand awareness, not only to the NetEase’s mailbox to do good, the news of sina Baidu search to do good, do good, that is the brand, brand is the major site of things, personal websites, but also the tender point. In fact, personal websites do not improperly belittle oneself in some small areas, in fact or unfamiliar areas, there are many opportunities for us to create their own brand website, which requires us to accumulate, to create.

fourth: personal webmaster doing

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