The dream of a station owner from hope to complete destruction of the bleak years

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, it is said that many very successful webmaster age is under 20 years old, after 90, most of them are about 18~19 years old, I do not know whether it is true or not. Think of yourself is already 30, is now still in the struggle for many years without a single success army chief, how ashamed ah ~~

I spent more than two years to the night time to struggle, and finally only confirmed such a sentence: "the webmaster is not suitable for everyone."". In college I used to write your life dream, will be how, I believe many people have dreamed of and pay the action, but the result is not satisfactory is nine out of ten.

my major is completely no phase relationship with the webmaster, began to really is the HTML domain DNS binding analysis how do not know how, because just graduated work is not forthcoming, with their youthful struggle more than a dozen more than twenty hours every day in and day out learning all the way over, the result is very bleak. You will find that you really lost a lot of priceless things, including affection friendship and love will slowly fade down, if you succeed at last feel a sense of accomplishment, but I believe that most of them failed. A few days ago webmaster statistics released a data, is only in the webmaster statistics has exceeded one million, if coupled with, YAHOO statistics webmaster, it is a digital what? Said a webmaster is average of 5 stations, I believe more than the absolute, because I have more than 20 the thirty station (see section A5 Forum:, in other words, you stand from at least about ten million sites in talent shows itself success is always just a few?.

these days my mind slowly returned to college, maybe you have and I do not love their profession, but also as part of young cynic predecessors national sentiment of deep love, detest the world and its ways, all night playing online, not overnight endorsement for tomorrow’s exam, often assume their own future, write down your dreams and ambitions. ~~

now often thinks, "why does time go by like this? If I had to go back to the past, what would I do now?". It is more than good youth, good years so sweet away and never again.

Of course,

is now still young, but it is no longer a dream time, you will find that life is really very tired, and don’t buy a car is how far things, you will feel like the landlord every day to urge you to rent your mobile phone like just yesterday to recharge the one hundred calls today and no girlfriend, it is just buy a bag and how old, went outside to eat a snack money also feel particularly expensive, older parents and do not want to have much promise to repay them, at least want to feed themselves ah, really ashamed ah, back to now own >

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