Summarizes the small movie class website operation defeat lesson

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March 12, 2012 and Youku potatoes with 100% transactions officially merged, two major domestic video website and what revelation to us? Is that domestic video website has to end, we must integrate resources, save the cost? In addition to some large video sites on the Internet, there are a large number of small movie site, most of these sites are personal webmaster, I have also had a small movie site, unfortunately there is no operation how long she died. Do not compare these small movie stations with large video sites, but the site still has the meaning of existence, because there are a lot of users choose to watch TV or movies in the small movie site, more famous watermelon theater and energy-saving. Using the player is fast or Baidu audio and video, small movie sites are free, unlike potatoes or Youku, many members are able to see. About the small movie website’s operation, I have no successful experience, here share a little failure lesson.


is the first small movie website on the Internet in a profitable way, "free" is an effective way of profit, it is not really free, and free Internet users are generally willing to accept things, the biggest advantage of the small movie site is free, the second is the latest update faster, because the large video sites broadcast film that will involve the issue of copyright. Small film class site is mainly aimed at the majority of cock silk users groups, in fact, in the potato network, Youku online membership system, there will be a lot of people willing to spend money on a member, and then you can watch the latest film. If the small movie website also adopts a membership system, then it will lose a large number of users or visitors, so small movie site is usually free, only the profit may be hanging advertising, but it needs a lot of traffic to the site every day, otherwise it will not earn a few cents. Now Baidu optimization is not good, such as such a small movie site, the most important thing is to reduce the similarity of the page, in the web site there is a message comment function.

is the second issue small movie website, although it is a small movie website, but the page and the number, because each drama is divided into many sets, so it will have a lot of very similar pages, small movie site may not be exhaustive, too many movies and TV dramas. When start optimization, do not have so much time and energy, so we should have a choice in terms of content, but also add a lot of movies and TV shows before I finally, there is no effort to optimize some key pages, after all, traffic mainly from the long tail word. Some people can choose to love watching TV or movies, there are a lot of Baidu TV in the list, there is a kind of entertainment, for example: If You Are The One and happy camp, there are some popular Japanese anime, like One Piece, Inuyasha etc.. Focus on the long tail optimization of these pages, which allows you to get more traffic on TV or movie sites that few people see

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