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college entrance examination is coming soon, also want to review the students know how to review it? Chinese college entrance examination to "help"? Nanjing teachers have a brilliant idea, so that college entrance examination students in the last moment to improve the language scores to do a little more effective efforts.

Language: writing at least 50 minutes

appearance masters: Nanjing City senior teachers, twenty-ninth middle school classes leader songbing

[last] how to review

1. grasp the basic problem

idioms, sort, rhetoric, pronunciation, dictation, control "examination that", and then do a review and practice.

2. pay close attention to the composition (composition 70 points, accounting for almost half of the language)

The further implementation of

the topic of training, "without fire, careless mistakes, not.

the literary training, "said the not far from the line".

3. again to sort out the appreciation of poetry, reading and other modern literary reading knowledge points.

] how to catch the examination points

1. exam time allocation must be reasonable

language is generally much value for how long, slightly on the basis of adjustment. Composition for at least 50 minutes.

2. answer specification


cases: (2009· Jiangsu, 13) this article is written in Dujiangyan, but not good at description, please specify what are the features in the artistic performance. (6 points)

candidates answer: "in Dujiangyan, by the praise, expressed as good as water culture essence of praise. Ask questions. Highlight the original ecology of Dujiangyan is the fountain of life. (2 points)


will not use the stem tip potential "not good at description," no answer "comments and lyrical combination" and losing 2 points; the rhetoric is local use, what is the recommended answer

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