nvestment in software simulation is very popular in Anhui six adult success

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entrepreneurship is not a trivial matter, many people are worried that they will fail. If there is a software that lets you simulate business, first practice on the hand, are you willing to try? Yesterday, an university student will take 10 students came to the Shushan District of Hefei Venture Service Center, both of them graduates, but also a freshman, are to learn from entrepreneurship. It is reported that, in the Shushan District Business Service Center, with the first "in our province and the country business simulation trial software".

"according to our follow-up, including six adult success". The center for policy advocates Shu Haibo said, there is no simulation of youth entrepreneurship, after understanding, they mostly think that entrepreneurship has greater difficulties, as well as by the funds and place restrictions. He reminded, not every entrepreneur will be successful, students do not blindly venture to do market research, to develop plans, but also to understand the policy."

By using simulation software


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