Shanghai Bay 2015 roadshow week officially opened

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is not a silent entrepreneurial era, each entrepreneurial team needs to show their ability to the outside world and the advantages of the project. Recently, the Shanghai Bay 2015 start roadshow week, many entrepreneurial team to show their own style, the pursuit of entrepreneurial dreams.

12 5, zero Bay 2015 week roadshow started, in the next 10 days, there will be hundreds of entrepreneurial team to participate in the roadshow, investors to show their entrepreneurial ideas, staged a gem "hundred regiments". At the same time, a set of financing, investment, incubation, operating as one of the network platform to raise public university partners "on the same day issued at the same time, in the zero Bay ecosystem entrepreneurial characteristics, entrepreneurial team can not only through the entrepreneur representatives to participate in the zero Bay decision, can also be combined with their own business areas to provide services for the other team. Growth in practice.

Siyuan public library project, virtual reality glasses, campus matchmaker project project…… Starting in December 5th, zero Bay 2015 roadshow kicked off. According to reports, the project will be continued until December 15th from the roadshow, there will be nearly a hundred zero Bay entrepreneurial team went to the front, and well-known investors and investment institutions in close contact, to show them their project ideas, strive for entrepreneurial resources. The zero Bay will also be based on the roadshow, providing support for the entrepreneurial team to support the development of entrepreneurial team support. Shanghai Venture Capital Co., Ltd., said Zhang Zhigang, general manager, the scale of the roadshow will be held in the future, so that more entrepreneurial team to show their opportunities.

in addition to live roadshow, on the morning of 5, a set of financing, investment, incubation, operating as one of the network platform to raise public university partners "officially released, zero Bay officially entered the" era of network congregation. Compared with the traditional financing model, provides the value may rely on public power, lower threshold of the public to raise more and more entrepreneurs, and raise the public network to raise a wider range of fundraising and raising funds are available in the online operation is very convenient.

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