Mascara top ten brands list

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modern people are very focused on makeup, makeup to go out has become a very common thing, but as a mascara cosmetics market constitutes a very important, naturally by numerous consumers, the birth of the brand is too many to count. From the product description is not able to see whether this mascara is easy to use, the following can be made by small series of mascara ten brands list, to choose their own Mascara oh!

Mascara top ten brand NO.1. Armani fashion Mascara

counter price: 390 yuan

favorite level: 10

A matte black font

black shell. Texture is cream texture, repeated brush will not agglomerate. Slim dense combo, and waterproof and oil proof, day without halo. Brush head is very small, very easy to brush eyelashes. Brush eyelashes root clear, very tall and straight, will not fly legs.

Mascara top ten brand NO.2. Shiseido love mirror Mascara

reference price: 78 yuan

favorite level: 9

this mascara is waterproof, it is not particularly difficult to unload. Brush out the mascara super natural, will not fly legs. Long effect is natural, not heavy makeup, daily work and school can be used. Pulled out with a long time when you will see the fiber, will get a little dirty bottle.

Mascara top ten brand NO.3. Maybelline giant Mascara

counter price: 99 yuan

favorite level: 9

this mascara is a must-have for many novice makeup, commonly known as yellow fat mascara, warm water can be unloaded, not halo will not fly legs. Maybelline’s mascara is better than many big names, cheap fighter. General thick coated eyelashes are very easy to stick, the brush out of the mascara is very natural, root clear, brush size, not too good brush eyelashes. Long curl are good, although it is dense type but long effect is good, suitable for novice makeup.

Mascara ten brand ranking NO.4. Estee Lauder Mascara

guess coagulation

counter price: 330 yuan

favorite level: 9

this is a cream like cream texture, pumping out a special texture, >

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