Tongling cohesion create space to promote public Entrepreneurship

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is now all over the country are actively promoting the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship at the same time, there are many places have also made a lot of achievements, in Anhui city of Tongling for some of the new field of entrepreneurship is more support, such as the Internet business model.

Tongling solid depth three strict three special education, create a strong atmosphere of entrepreneurial innovation environment, optimization. According to the spirit of the State Council and the provincial government documents about innovation and entrepreneurship, the municipal government in the polymerization of extensive research, relevant financial policy basis, formulated to promote the development of the public record number of policy space, leading the public entrepreneurship, innovation, and innovation driven strategy to promote the development of a city.

the city money to support the public record for space construction, innovation and entrepreneurship for the public record coupons, space enterprises issuing innovative entrepreneurial innovation voucher coupons, the total annual amount of not more than 5 million yuan. Each enterprise issued coupon amount is divided into several grades of entrepreneurial innovation, use for a period of 1 years. Enterprises can use the innovation of the coupon to the designated service agencies to purchase inspection testing, technical advice, training, technology transfer, intellectual property rights, research and development design, financial consulting, legal services and other services. Support services for the public to provide various types of services to create space, each year the maximum amount of funding for each service agency up to 500 thousand yuan.

Tongling also guide the establishment of seed fund. Support for the creation of municipal public space to create seed fund for entrepreneurs and small and micro enterprises to provide loan guarantees, turnaround services, as well as the initial results of the acquisition of entrepreneurs. Seed fund of not less than 3 million yuan of its own funds, the city’s employment office in accordance with the proportion of the proportion of shares in the capital contribution of not more than $600 thousand, in accordance with the proportion of its contribution to jointly assume the risk of investment. To encourage and guide the public record service mechanism, spatial mode, innovation of financial products, the introduction of foreign good platform to raise public financing to carry out the pilot launch of venture capital funds, angel funds, tax credit, with more varieties, multi type and multi-level financial products for the guests. The establishment of financial entrepreneurship mentor group, organized financial products will be recommended, the creation of financial aid courses, to create a customer recommended matching financing services, change passive service as active help".



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