What is the most profitable business in the spring

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spring is coming, people are looking for a good project to get rich. But in the face of such a complex shopping malls, in the end what business to make money? Today the whole network Xiaobian to talk about, what are the most profitable business in spring?

the most profitable business open Luzhu shop


advantage: eating is a permanent topic, according to market research, "eleven" during the national day, October 2nd day, Beijing city food and beverage market sales of about 6000000 yuan, up 8% over last year, so the choice is in the right direction. The same is to do noodles, people can make the red face cool, a bowl of wonton can sell 4 yuan can also sell $100, entrepreneurship is not doing anything, but how to do. Luzhu production method is simple, saves a hired cook shop area of trouble, not seeking, employees needed less, low cost, quick return.

disadvantages: Folk special snack shop, perhaps not difficult to survive, but also not easy to expand. First of all, it is best to be able to open in the downtown or tourist areas, in order to attract the flow of tourists, residents do not hide, but not on the grade, in order to be able to make a reputation, you need long-term efforts. But the mouth picky, folk snacks is at an end, and the people of his own body is take care of the store, so show the utmost solicitude, health requirements.


one hundred thousand yuan for speculation, for those with a lower price, apartment layout of filial piety position is not very good for small projects, and friends together for speculation. This building is generally a deposit of 10 thousand yuan per unit, a set of the next 10 units, within a month must ship, profit of about 20%.

advantage: in addition to the familiar market speculation, more important is the relationship with the developers, and Never mind, do not rush into the city. With the developer and the relationship between the market, and developers generally have a very strong relationship with the consent of the developer prior consent. Because the relationship is good, once the sale is not satisfactory, the developer will return the deposit in full.

disadvantage: many of the city’s property market has revealed some weakness, just ask the real estate intermediary, although the high-end price of second-hand houses or new houses are blank, although people are listed in the cost increase a lot, looks up, but few people interested, which belongs to the line without the city. The concept of "value added" is only a virtual figure on a book before it is officially circulated.

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