Jiande strawberry farmers out of Gansu will be planted throughout the country

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rural areas of entrepreneurship is gradually on the right track, rich agricultural resources for rural entrepreneurs have a unique advantage, as soon as possible to create a unique and entrepreneurial market.

2015 March, the old Qiu began to find a new base in Gansu. After investigation, he chose the Jingchuan county. Strawberry base, the key is to facilitate transportation." The old Qiu said, close to highway, more people park is in line with their own requirements.

2015 in July, he purchased from Jiande in 25 thousand strains of the strawberry seedlings airlifted to jingchuan. In mid November, strawberries and cream base officially opened. Light is the cost of each strawberry seedlings to 3 dollars." Lao Qiu said he planted a total of 5 shed Cream Strawberry, has invested more than 110 thousand yuan. Cream Strawberry color value high, taste good, the price is not low. Just park, 100 yuan per kilogram, due to pick the guests less than expected, old Qiu lowered the price to 70 yuan, 80. "After new year’s day, we hit this preferential price."

"greenhouse facilities good, strawberry was also quite good." Lao Qiu, base of the picking period will begin on June until 5, at present, strawberries and cream has many advantages, but there are also disadvantages, is picked only for two or three days, "for freshness and quality assurance of strawberry, want to buy only their own guest spot picking."

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