How important is the renovation of the dry cleaners

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now is the time of year in winter, in this season every year, usually when the dry cleaning business is hot, and now there will be a lot of people started to invest in business at the same time dry cleaners, dry cleaners, want to have a good business, the decoration is an important part of.

The overall image and the interior decoration of

A sign of the requirements,

font and size and whether the door with the appearance of the facade, facade basically determine your style, and the font selection basically determines your grades. Head word color and appearance of color appearance must be good collocation. And signs must be kept clean and eye-catching. Regular maintenance must be done to ensure the integrity of the signs. If damaged or fade should be repaired immediately, not to save money will be linked to the signs in shreds and patches in front of you, otherwise the loss will be greater.

two, the requirements of color

best use of color to blue, green, it looks clean, comfortable, healthy environmental feeling, don’t think that is the best representative of white color clean, because white is common in the hospital. And the surrounding color must be the same or similar to the main color. This will maintain the integrity and integrity of the store.

three, light

audio equipment

five, and the air humidity requirements

The store image design

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