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has a friend asked me how I feel about starting a business. Indeed, my entrepreneurial road is really rich. When I came to this city, I was so yearning, but when I failed and I feel so strange, then to now I have not a sense of accomplishment, but a genuine sense of belonging.

[repeat do you bother, do you cooked, do you close your eyes and mind you dream it is

] we all have our own understanding of entrepreneurship, but also has its own purpose in the beginning and mentality. I don’t know what other people are doing. I was very excited at the beginning. I thought I could succeed if I could open my shop. I think I am only in general, the store is really the beginning of my success, but also the beginning of my suffering……

in later times, I shop business gradually better, at that time I was delighted to see their pay for results, I feel very excited, but I I also put propaganda live down, but my stop is to make my business again deserted, at that time I realized I do not go far enough, I also need to continue to do, continue to do.

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