The old lady out of business for 5 years net profit of 6 million seventy years of age

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life rarely live to seventy, for the contemporary people, seventy years old is to return home, a good time to retire, but the old lady did not go looking for the road, her life itself is a sad song crazy business history.

: Wu Shengming, a common name, is a legendary life. When the boss, squatting prison, dry cleaners, and then when the boss, the fate of bumpy, less than 50 years old will be net worth 10 million, was sentenced to life imprisonment at the age of 52; after the age of more than and 70 years of prison to start a business in the past 5 years earned a $6 million!

80 years rich get rich

Wu Shengming first from the radio, nylon clothing business start, quickly became popular. Wu Shengming to buy their own imported luxury cars, the purchase of several sets of luxury residential. In Shanghai, Chengdu and other cities, Wu Shengming access to high-level hotel, with celebrities from all walks of life, money, extravagant. Wu Shengming’s business involves building materials, textiles, machinery, home appliances, chemical industry and many other industries.

because of commodity supply capacity at that time is far less than the demand, who can organize to goods, especially consumer goods, who will be able to get profit. , the state still plans to allocate some of the shortage of goods. Wu Shengming turned his eyes to the plan to allocate supplies.

1985 summer, Wu Shengming through a clear relationship, got the plan to import 48 senior cars. According to the policy, Wu Shengming had no right to run a car. This is only a sale, she would profit 200 million yuan. At the same time, Wu Shengming in Fujian province to the value of 5 million 200 thousand yuan of high-grade fabrics. She sold the cloth to Shanghai’s garment manufacturers and obtained a monopoly on the production of clothing with the cloth. The source of this batch of cloth is Taiwan, the country is based on the actual situation in Fujian, Fujian and Taiwan to allow the transaction of certain goods.

money in hand, but soon turned into handcuffs and shackles. Shanghai City Intermediate People’s court to the crime of smuggling and the crime of contract fraud crimes, Wu Shengming was sentenced to death. After an appeal, a year later, her high court commuted to life imprisonment.

due to perform exceptionally well, at the end of 1988, Wu Shengming was named the labor reform activists, get the first certificate after the imprisonment. In 1993, Wu Shengming was commuted to a 18 year sentence. In November 30, 1997, Yan daughter received a letter of "Wu Shengming, after a few friends about disco in his uncle’s house, as farmers uncle fly that destructive to the morals.

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