Shanxi package of new initiatives to support entrepreneurship graduates

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college students entrepreneurship activities have now attracted many people’s attention, at the same time, the country for some college students entrepreneurs also gave a lot of help entrepreneurs, the loose lending policy is the most popular college entrepreneurs welcome.

In the field of new and high technology enterprise

the province of entrepreneurship for college graduates, according to the provisions of the implementation of entrepreneurial venue rental subsidies, business loans, tax relief and other policies to support entrepreneurship.

allows technical staff on-the-job pioneering

to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, I research personnel, professional and technical personnel from institutions of entrepreneurial universities and research institutes, with the consent of the original unit, can keep the human relations in 3 years, the original units and other staff to enjoy the same professional titles, job level promotion and social insurance etc. right. The original unit shall, according to the actual situation of the professional and technical personnel, sign or change the employment contract, clarify the rights and obligations.

in addition, but also allow and encourage the universities, research institutes and institutions of professional and technical personnel of state-owned enterprises, in the premise of the completion of various tasks of the unit arrangement under the working business, personal income in all.

The transfer of

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