How to cultivate loyal customers

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if every customer comes to your store, you won’t be able to do it second times I am afraid that even if your business will not be closed because of quality problems, you can not support the store down, so loyal customer training is very important, but the key is how to cultivate it?

There is a famous "120 law"

Gilad from the "120 law" to Li Peidong’s "customer loyalty", I think they both insisted on honesty is the base, implementation pad, and gradually established their own stable customer source. To tell you the truth, what we lack now is no longer a commodity, but to allow consumers to trust the integrity and creativity.

thus, does not mean that your product must be how good, you must set the price so low, your business will be hot, in fact, as long as you have been with integrity and creativity to do business, your loyal customer groups will be more and more!

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