Xuzhou College of ndustrial Technology college students to enter the entrepreneurial park in reply

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now the majority of colleges and universities have begun to build their own entrepreneurial park, the school intends to provide students with entrepreneurial simulation and practical platform. Just opened a new career college students are also needed for such a platform.

to encourage students to participate in the Xuzhou College of Industrial Technology innovation and entrepreneurship practice, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial practice to carry out simulation and guidance to the students, so that students entrepreneurial ability further in business practice, and the introduction of high-quality business projects for the business center, student in the afternoon of January 7th in the administrative building on the third floor conference room held a   2016 students settled in Pioneer Park project defense will.

the defense will be a total of 11 projects to participate in defense, defense in detail in the reply of the students why choose this project, and the research on the market operation of the investment required and the source of funds, financial analysis, profitability and risk assessment, business location etc.. In the process of defense, Ding Zhenhua, deputy director of the venture to review the project and put forward some feasible suggestions.

the college business park project settled the respondent will success, not only to inject fresh blood into the college business park development, provides opportunities for entrepreneurship students, enhance the students’ ability to create employment, lay a solid foundation for future employment and entrepreneurship.

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