Overnight 100 billion gold yellow Cuiru flourishes billions of gold

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one hundred million dollars a night, yes, you are not wrong, this is not a fairy tale, this is not a myth. One hundred million dollars a night in the real scene. Tencent entertainment reported, Hongkong TVB Cuiru BeautyLeg Huang traced to privacy, is the daughter of white Formica, his father was one of Hongkong construction company boss, the company a market value of more than HK $14 billion (about 11 billion 600 million yuan). Such a sudden change of one hundred million dollars, can be described as an ugly duckling turned white swan stunned everyone.

Huang Cuiru’s father Huang Yonghua is the recent explosion of "lianwang group", one of the owners of about 37% share, and the company yesterday after the listing, the stock for 2 consecutive days constantly soaring, has a market value of more than HK $14 billion (about 11 billion 600 million yuan).

this, Huang Cuiru has been described as "the face of a Pennsylvania billion daughter" on the 13 day, she especially in the online response, and also didn’t get to clarify his father’s company, one family are not hype stocks, and their focus on the work itself: "we still maintain our happy family life is just plain." At the end of the joke also said, "but please eat, or you can:"".

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