What kind of planning is needed to open a coffee shop

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entrepreneurship is a test of your body and mind, to succeed needs to come up with extremely hard. What do you need to prepare before opening a shop? Let us look to the coffee shop management skills of shop preparations.

A, self assessment – shop is still willing to fight the cause of


1: the first is to set up shop, charges money, no money no talk, no matter is to be renovated or else. All of the equipment materials, machinery and equipment, advertising, decoration, whether it is new or used to solve the money. As long as – move, a change, an increase is the attitude of money, according to their own police industry and the level of the expected rate of tariff. Project expenditure tariff package: rent, and bridge fees, all kinds of machinery and equipment, buried in the bottom, repair, planning and design "including the name, trademark and name card design, advertising signs, menus, leaflets etc.), raw materials, materials such as groceries.

2, physical strength: followed by personal physical condition. This is to always stand, walk, move the hands of the work, so be sure to have sufficient physical strength. Able to work more than and 10 hours of endurance. Large and fast to meet business needs, including procurement, integration, and creation, drinks, twisting, cleaning, cleaning, homing, all need to have enough energy to do.

3, the time is Bibifu: working hours, from the preparation, planning, personnel arrangements, work flow, the opening to the rest. Must have at least 10 to 12 hours a day to prepare for work, you may be only as much as 2 ~ 4 days / month, and even to the whole year there is no vacation.

4, personality: finally is to have faith, must have the determination to succeed, patience to overcome all difficulties, one improved, but also have better perseverance, zaikuzailei are stick to the end, as long as after several months of training, can establish a set of their own work process. Easy and regular operating mode, and find new opportunities and challenges, believe that everything is possible, and with foresight and pioneering, it will succeed.

two, understand competitors — one step closer to success as

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