Three children’s toy business opportunities to be excavated

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to buy toys for their children, parents, grandparents, grandparents are willing to spend money, which also spawned the children’s toy market unlimited business opportunities. Royal Dilini learned from the relevant information, the proportion of total household expenditure on children’s consumption in China continues to increase. Urban children’s per capita toy spending was 35 yuan, the toy has become a new revenue generating point in the children’s consumer market. Theme toy store, toy DIY shop, toy rental store three maternal and child supplies market opportunities for consumer toys can be deep excavation.

27 year old Zhang Tao is a genuine anime fans, home bookcase placed a pile of Naruto, Conan, Lu Fei, such as cartoon character toys. Although it cost a lot of money to buy toys, he felt it was worthwhile to buy it for fun.

A, theme toy store

The main consumer groups

The people in the

two, toy rental shops


three, toy store


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