How much money to invest in the spring barbecue buffet

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in the cafeteria buffet, buffet barbecue has always been more like the consumption of food and beverage, will naturally win the favor of investors. But as investors need to understand that this is a hot item, a variety of different buffet began to pop up, there are a lot of consumers to eat. But the buffet of the fierce competition, only by constantly improve the quality of a restaurant will attract consumers, spring barbecue buffet with excellent dining environment to gain consumer recognition, more and more people love spring barbecue buffet, a good brand of many people seriously, then how much money jiamengfei self-service barbecue spring


how much money to invest in spring barbecue buffet

spring barbecue buffet costs are as follows:

to join the need for 50 thousand yuan, margin, management fees will have, but also the first phase of the purchase costs, promotional costs, opening fees and other costs, the deposit will be refunded when the contract expires. Open a shop needs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

join can also get the following support:

1, site selection support: join the spring barbecue, headquarters to provide business district investigation, to assist the site, a good grasp of the first shop.

2, design decoration: headquarters layout, style design, import enterprise VI.

3, quickly set up shop: Spring barbecue offer guidance, material procurement, step by step.

4, technology transfer: headquarters sent professional teachers to teach delicious secret, super fast becoming the "Kitchen God handed down".

Through the analysis of

, joining such a storefront cost or most consumers can afford, is a suitable public venture project! If you want to join it and remember to give us a message on our website below.

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