How to open a moving company

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now the economy gradually to achieve the integration of development, so the move started to become parents. It is precisely because of the development of such a market situation, leading to moving companies are facing growing market. Moreover, the price of the moving company (regular moving company) are very transparent, moving companies are meager profit industry, net profit between 10%-15%, but also bear certain risks, so there is no profit.

to open a new moving company to move from other companies to grab market share is also the need for considerable planning tools and solid handling workers. In short, you want to move the company to see if there is no other people do not have the advantage. Workers and drivers are the most important (because they are on the front line every day to deal with customers, always represent the image of the company).

if you want to open a moving company program is like this:

1, check the number of your local moving company and the price and market.

2, determined to want to move before you want to move the staff recruitment.

3, and then to the trade and Industry Bureau to approve the name of the business license.

4, road traffic management office of the Ministry of communications for road transport permits.

5, with a good business license to apply for tax registration certificate and organization code.

6, select the purchase of vehicles (JAC, Futian, Dongfeng Cassidy, Yuejin brand choice, buy 480, 485 engines and 490) after the above procedures are run look at the company’s advertising with what method.

does not need to how much money, but the workers and vehicles are necessary, and in order to legitimacy, also need to be registered, in addition, the service attitude is very important, so as to allow the company to usher in more customers. In short, if you want to open a moving company, the above Xiaobian introduced the process will be very useful oh.

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