Hubei Wuhan 17 middle school students in the classroom door cited the storm first awakening interest

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      Hubei Wuhan 17 middle school students in the classroom door now students are always cited the storm first awakening interest in the opposite sex work, originally the classroom is a sacred place, but 17 students in Hubei Wuhan was great in the classroom. "".

remember the summer of 2010, the network crazy pass "after 90 college of light industry Hebei Polytechnic University classroom door" incident, shortly after the events from the university until high school, which in the end who is wrong, attention at the education department.

Wuhan seventeen (in the middle of the classroom door event in the case of the high Hui denied that he was the heroine of the 17)

now after 90 swollen Mody? When we were in high school, a hand blush, now the children go directly on dry live ammunition, more in the classroom desk during peaceful times, the people feel then? The day before, a seventeen in Wuhan (17), door event video and picture out process for up to 24 minutes, some veteran lamented now 90 after the open degree at the same time, small boys fighting also let them shame.

network rumors that the heroine is a girl named Qiu Hui after 90. 17 pornographic photos of the classroom after the door was released, a lot of people through the network search the so-called Wuhan in the middle of the 17 beautiful photos to meet their curiosity.

this is the two in Wuhan, suspected of high in the door in the door of the 17 pornographic photos. The author through the network search, this is called Qiu Jia Hui girl is really 17 of the students, now only her age of 16, with a height of 169. These are written by Qiu Jiahui in February this year, hired a boyfriend post wrote. Unfortunately, Qiu Jiahui did not leave QQ.

Wuhan seventeen (17) in the classroom after the door burst, although a lot of people frantically search video. But the heart should be able to find that this may not be the best people. Because recently Qiu Jia Hui is also concerned about her own Wuhan 17 pornographic door.

The following is

for the interpretation of the high school in Wuhan, 17 in the classroom pornographic incident:

I don’t want to explain that I’m not the heroine of the classroom.

if some of you think I am, then I have no way, because I can not control your thoughts, I just give you to believe that I am not a heroine is a reason.

1 I’m not as white as she is, I’m black. If you say later in the sun, then look at the reason 2.

2 I have a mole on the left side of the mouth, the screen of the woman did not.

3 the classroom is not in the middle of the 17, this is the contrast chart, the top 2 and the lower left corner of the piece is the middle of the classroom in the 17. 17 of the classrooms have 2 windows. The door is green. This classroom is in the middle of 65.

4 is said that the screen is 3 or 4 years ago, when I was a junior high school, no development.


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