Luanping County the establishment of electricity supplier entrepreneurial base to promote entrepren

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in recent years, the development of e-commerce industry, we can say that the speed is obvious to people, at the same time, the country is also actively promote and build e-commerce business base, the development of e-commerce industry is also increasingly concerned.

the county actual, packaging has launched 8 "Internet plus e-commerce investment project, collected 15 traditional commercial enterprises and well-known e-commerce enterprises cooperation needs, using the Internet, promotion and other forms of increase investment. Currently, Beijing Jinyu and other 6 companies have reached a cooperation intention. The county vocational education center based on the electricity supplier training course jointly organized by Taobao University, HC business school electricity supplier organizations, and strengthen business education popularization in Luanping province government staff, attract college graduates return home business. Up to now, has completed more than 1000 kinds of training of all kinds of people to attract professional electricity supplier 26.


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