Huang Hualiang homemade billboards to attract more business

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for environmental reasons, many small shops have no development opportunities, but if the owners can continuous innovation, to some business ideas, often for the operation of shops will have a great help. Zhejiang city of Shengzhou Province, Huang Hualiang manages a retail customer book kiosk. Kiosks around the super cloud, Huang Hualiang shop because of the main operating newspapers and magazines, few people interested in cigarettes. Faced with this situation, Huang Hualiang did not complain and give up, but often think of new ideas or do something new to attract the attention of customers, thus creating opportunities for cigarette sales. No, she’s got a lot of business with a homemade cigarette ad.


Huang Hualiang made was very simple, the base is listed with the new cigarette billboards, a dozen brands of cigarette packet picture advertisement page, she is from a few clips, cigarette and brand publicity page material pasted.

"expanded or decorated facade, we don’t have so much money, so only their brains, think of ways to self promotion. This self made billboard is put out, it really brings me a lot of customers. Before buying a newspaper to go on the customer, and now there are a lot of time to stop for a moment, look at the details of the cigarette brand brand introduction, buy cigarettes to go, the cigarette business so much better than before. I will often change the brand on the billboard, conditional, but also to produce a larger, more complete cigarette brand atlas. I think it will be better to use it!" Huang Hualiang said confidently.

there are a lot of shops, once the business is not good to stop complaining, however, now the competition in all walks of life are very fierce, almost no one really good to do business, but if they are not to rely entirely on others, this is how to successfully operate a shop? So, want to shop business is hot, but also need their own more moves"!

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