ntelligent integration is expected to become the focus of future market

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With the continuous development of science and technology,

has become more and more intelligent. Intelligent integration is expected to become the focus of future market. Experts pointed out that intelligent design is a mainstream direction of the future development of integrated kitchen. Intelligence is the essence of human nature, the consumer experience is expected to bring unprecedented. But it’s still a stage of constant exploration.

with integrated kitchen industry gradually mature, integrated kitchen market has undergone some changes, from a single consumer demand to the diverse needs of the kitchen. Today, the rapid development of science and technology, various types of household appliances kitchen electric industry also to the direction of intelligent development.

throughout the integrated kitchen industry, now integrated kitchen enterprises want to win the market, all under the banner of "intelligent high-end integrated stove" banner. Intelligent product slogan shouting loud, but the market performance is not as good as the integration of kitchen enterprises expected. Intelligent has been integrated kitchen business publicity stunt, a lot of integrated kitchen enterprise does not have a clear concept of "intelligent", the development of intelligent integrated stove blindly, but ignore their own situation, but also the lack of understanding of the needs of the market and research, resulting in many products have intelligent title, but eventually become a decoration.

The design of

technology makes our life more convenient, integrated kitchen brand in order to have a better development in the market, we need to constantly update their technology, provide more convenience for the people. Intelligent integration is expected to become the focus of the future market, which for investors, it is not an opportunity.


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