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hot weather, the door is a burst of heat, but also a lot of mosquitoes up, many shops like hanging a door curtain. In summer, the day was gradually hot up, whether it is facing east or south or west retail customers have love hang a door curtain in the door, the summer sun, "poison" yet, a tan, a waste of cosmetics, to what tobacco packaging sun faded, but the real money that the loss of myself, not worthwhile. At the same time, the outside temperature is so high, there is an electric fan blowing, really cool! Open the door air convection effect is poor, it is better to install a curtain instead.

retail customers Zhang Ming supermarket in the big road, facing the southwest, the door is open, a little shade of street trees are not, although there is a rain in front of the ride, but the effect of the sun is still very poor. Especially to the sun as the "hot" afternoon sunlight to the store, get outside shops as hot as the customer alone, Zhang himself did not stay in the store.

some time ago, people see the big supermarket plastic curtain son inspired himself in front of the store with a row of transparent plastic curtain, so, ceiling fans whir shop floor fan, is very cool, finally resolved the problem of cooling. However, this period of time, the store’s business can be affected, what is the reason? Lao Zhang believes that it is too hot, the customer are drying run, did not when things back. However, to see other people’s business is still very good, and some old customers have to go to other people’s homes to buy goods, Lao Zhang heart to panic, what causes this phenomenon?

case study

solution: retail customer Xu Jingsheng

weapon: the most important customer

No matter what

is to take measures to prevent heatstroke, the convenience of customers is the most important. Let’s take a look at this plastic door curtain installed by Zhang, the main reason should be in this place. Zhang boss in order to save money, bought a cheap plastic curtain, the high temperature in summer, after sun drying, the poor quality of the plastic will happen an unpleasant smell, it is this smell, the customer out of the house, which is ignored by Zhang, the province suffered.

we’ll take a look at the plastic curtain, which is the first thing the customer can see outside the store. Zhang boss here hangs out for a long time, often in the hands of lifting the place, there is serious stains, grease stains like customers to buy things, see this is not to eat the, they will think of businesses, Lenovo to commodity. In this case, I have two solutions: one is if the one-sided sunscreen can take a branch or a pergola in front of the store, blocking the sun outside light, if it is to prevent air convection, can install glass doors. Recommended

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