How to make the hotel fire

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in the face of the increasingly fierce competition in the same industry, hotel managers should seriously consider the response measures, from their own reality and stand on the customer’s position in order to make the hotel fire.

the first clean, storefront looks bright, the waiter wearing should accord with the style and clean hotel!

and in some small details can often bring to guests, such as special services, or hotel appliances may be able to get some new things, let the customer have fresh, make your own style hotel.   you say the key in the source, but the source is you can’t change a, or only change the place is not it?   in the face of the company, it is necessary to health, cheap, the most important thing is convenient, lunch boxes with the kind of not easy to spill out, wood can also be sent to the fruit after dinner, there must be sent outside the speed must be fast.

Do these work success is not far away from us:


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