Glasses shop is to choose to join or set up their own shop

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is now a lot of people are aware of the glasses industry profits, entrepreneurs are more interested in such an industry, however, the glasses shop, someone said, the store is too small, the face of increasingly fierce competition, struggling to survive, not to mention the development, also some people said that the store was too large, the cost is too high, if not bigger is not what profit will turnover.

then began to consider what is to continue to operate their own shop or simply join large glasses stores, although their business a little hard but free, and join is Great trees are good for shade., similarly, his glasses industry entrepreneurs are thinking, is good or good to live on their own.

Based on this

, before we have done the analysis, this article is mainly through the survey. The survey includes glasses shop shop owner, has joined the chain glasses shop owner and want to engage in some shop industry entrepreneurs, they look for joining or setting the idea shop shop and consider.

survey 1: Mr. Zhang, the owner of the owner of their own glasses shop, the current business is dull, there is the idea of joining, but because of the alliance did not understand, hesitate.

, according to Mr. Zhang, as a result of a few years ago in an optical shop in optometry and sales staff, the glasses industry has a certain understanding, so the idea of creating their own glasses shop. 3 years ago, took a fancy to the location here, next to a university, the College of the two, students concentrated, so rented this shop opened a shop glasses. At the beginning, because there is only one of the glasses shop, so there is no too much money will be the idea of the shop to do it, although the business is not booming but the day is too easy to be rich.

later, a few blocks expansion near here, and several new glasses shop, although compared with Mr. Zhang, the store brand and influence have better performance, but it has been affected by this small, therefore, Mr. Zhang has also been thinking about how to realize the difference operation, to highlight its advantages and avoid the glasses shop more and more get covered all over with cuts and bruises.

to join, Mr. Zhang said, once you choose to join, a lot of things is no longer a person by his master, has lost his own pleasure, until the end of hills and rivers, otherwise will still insist on.

survey 2: Ms. Lin, interested in opening glasses shop investors, valued the glasses store market and profits, want to open their own, currently tend to join.

Lee after graduation in a government unit to work, income stability, a few years down, but also accumulated a sum of money, so they want to engage in a career. By >

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