How to avoid losing investment in a clothing store

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a lot of investors in the business when everything starts from the garment industry, garment industry has always been the preferred industry we, as operators of the clothing store in finance, financial support is looking for a large, two is to cooperate with throw the helve after the hatchet. Sufficient funds, in cooperation with business, easy to take an objective and calm attitude. In other words, in more than one kind of business investment is not much less business investment is not small, the success or failure of the view is not too tight, so the views of the spear is also more neutral.

because, with the business, it is best to start a business experience, is one of the factors of success. Good is not only can use the experience of the past, the current work smoothly, more is to be able to save the effort, to know how to understand the business and the business of Ming Dynasty, the difficult process, is a shortcut to success.

looking for partners to cooperate with the money, it is best to be able to complement each other long short. Move a quiet, in a flash, appropriate, natural and smooth operation.

the amount of money required to open a shop must be carefully identified, careful scrutiny. The amount and the size of the shop. Operating varieties. Business methods (is the consignment or volume of clothing) and the situation of competitors and other factors. Usually requires a number of programs for comparison. The expenditure of each scheme is listed in detail, and the profits generated by each scheme are accounted for. For example, how much rent is paid in advance, how much is the house decoration, how much and how much equipment is needed. Determine the amount to be compared with peers with the size of the store, to see if the amount is feasible, is high or low, so as not to appear too large errors, resulting in serious investment mistakes.

estimate the amount of investment, to keep the full insurance factor. Target amount can not exceed the size of the requirements are too high, but underestimate the amount of investment, opening up will cause a very passive situation. Because, after the store opened, in addition to the reasonable expenditure can be calculated in advance, the total can not avoid some of the randomness of the temporary expenditure, and sometimes directly affect the economic benefits. In the early stages of entrepreneurship, because of the enthusiasm and optimism of entrepreneurs, there will always be a certain blindness, it will ignore some of the hidden expenses and unpredictable spending. Some shopkeepers in order to attract investment deliberately low budget, the result will be passive. Strictly speaking, this is the fund-raising fraud.

after the opening of the clothing store to determine the amount of investment targets, the next need to fully consider the ability to raise funds and the possibility of financing channels. Financing can use the list of ways to develop ideas. First from the nearest relatives and friends listed, and then their relatives and friends, will always be able to find paid help participants.

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